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How to Lower Your Risk of a Second Heart Attack

How to Lower Your Risk of a Second Heart Attack

It’s definitely a must to celebrate surviving your first heart attack. However, understand that if there’s a first, then you’re likely to suffer from a second heart attack too. It’s imperative, then, to learn how to take care of yourself or even hire quality care providers in Indiana to fight off a second heart attack.

Don’t wait until you’re experiencing life-limiting conditions or receiving hospice care in Carmel, Indiana before you protect yourself from another heart attack. Here are some simple tips that should significantly lower your risk:

  • Take your meds.
    As part of your personal care after your first attack, your doctor will prescribe your heart medications. You should make sure to take your meds according to the prescription to avoid heart problems.
  • Participate in heart rehab.
    Rehabilitate your heart. Join a cardiac rehab program so you can improve your physical recovery. Cardiac rehab typically involves improving your physical fitness and promoting heart-healthy habits.
  • Follow up with your doctor.
    Work closely with your health care team. You may need to see your doctor after six weeks just to follow up on whether or not your recovery is on track.

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