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What Are the Causes of Acute Renal Failure


Some seniors suffer from a sudden loss of the ability to eliminate excess fluids, waste materials, and salts from the blood. This condition is known as acute renal failure and typically occurs when the kidney cannot do its core function. Seniors who suffer from acute renal failure will commonly need meticulous personal care.

But why does the body suffer from acute renal failure to the point that you need to seek assistance from care providers in Indiana? Here are the top causes of the said medical condition:

  • Prerenal
    There are cases when a person suffers from a sudden drop in blood pressure, which then prevents the kidney from performing its functions. This is called prerenal acute kidney injury and is one of the main causes of acute kidney failure.
  • Intrarenal
    In prerenal, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the kidney itself. In intrarenal, the kidney itself receives direct damage. It may be due to drugs, infection, toxins, or inflammation.
  • Postrenal
    Postrenal happens when the urinary tract, which is just below the kidney, cannot eliminate waste from the body due to an obstruction, eventually leading to a build-up. Examples of obstructions include kidney stones, injury, bladder tumor, or an enlarged prostate.

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